What to do in '22?

It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone. Many of us will come out of this pandemic with different outlooks on training, careers and life, generally.


You may be considering your future now that you're getting a chance to start anew.


These may be the types of thoughts you might be having about study in 2022:


• you want to start afresh, bursting with renewed energy to clear the slate and kick some real goals – if this is YOU,  contact us we can put you in touch with over 20 courses and skills sets in 2022

• you don’t just want to start again - you want to move up to something more challenging; maybe you’ve had a chance to work on your skills during lockdown and want to step up - if this is YOU, contact us about the Fast-Track Program for 2022

• you feel completely dis-engaged with learning and with the creative and entertainment industry, generally – if this is YOU, contact us - there are may be an amazing solution for you.

Remember that the creative and entertainment industry will be growing massively in the coming years: festivals, concerts, gigs, markets, exhibitions, performances (both music and theatre) . They will all be back in a MAJOR way.   Look at the growth of streaming services and gaming platforms during the pandemic – they’ve had huge growth and continue to grow. 

If you love the creative, music and entertainment industries, it’s the right time to jump back in, skill up and ready yourself for NEW opportunities.


Image by Roman Khripkov