Is there a difference between an Artist and a Business Person? Maybe not?

April 10, 2020





















There are two points that must be recognised.

1. It’s okay to be an artist with business goals.

Most artists believe money is evil and business people are all crooks. To engage in any form of capitalism is surely a betrayal of what art is, right?  There are actually several artists with business sense. They are making better creative products at a bigger scale than most people could possibly dream of because of their talent and their business acumen.

2. It’s NOT okay for the conception of creativity to be driven by business goals


What matters is the source of the spark.

The artist who spends his/her time trying to identify what is popular and replicate that, will always be behind the curve.  It’s the nature of being a follower.

The artist is never behind the curve and, in fact, is probably unaware a curve even exists, choosing to spend their time instead on that squiggly idea they just found in the corner.


J.K. Rowling didn’t think “Boy, you know what would be a smashing best-seller? A 12-year-old with who runs around saying Latin-rooted words and waving a stick!”

No, she wrote what was her in her heart. The idea came first, not the market.


The businessperson who follows trends ends up wealthy.  But the artist who follows trends ends up empty.

Maybe a collaboration is in order? Consider the following:

The Artist’s Process vs the Businessperson’s Process


The artist has an idea.
The businessperson studies what is popular in the world.



The artist is smitten with the idea.

The businessperson is smitten with getting results.



Through much effort, the artist brings his/her idea into the world

Through much effort, the business person brings the world something he knows will get the most attention from the most amount of people



The artist realises the tangible version of his/her vision is crap
The businessperson realises his work could get better results



The artist tweaks, bends, kicks, hammers, retouches, rewrites, and re-designs the prototype into something he/she can be proud of.  It’s even submitted to the universe!!

The business person tweaks, bends, kicks, hammers, retouches, rewrites, and re-designs the prototype until it is truly irresistible to the masses, drawing maximum viewers, high conversion rates and as many dollars as possible.


The artist retreats into themselves in order to learn more about the human condition.
The business person goes back to the drawing board to learn more about what other people are paying attention to.


One thing artists and business people have in common is IDEAS.

Whether you are trying to play the game and make some money, dive within yourself to create your best work, or perform a mixture of the two, you must have ideas to exist and the business sense to realise it.


(Todd Brison  - Author of The Creative’s Curse, The Unstoppable Creative; as seen in CNBC, Inc. Magazine)

Considering a career in the business side of the creative arts or music music industry?  Then getting the right training is important.  There are a number of places where you can start, or even continue your training in 2019.



TAFE NSW Newcastle

Arts Administration_Level 1
Music Industry - Music Business Level 1_Newcastle
Music Industry - Music Business Level 1_Ourimbah
Music Industry - Music Business Level 3


Information sessions


University of Newcastle
WEA Hunter - Newcastle

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