CONTENT CREATORS: acting, writing and directing

In Australia, and across the globe, there is a huge demand for more creative content: anything that can be read, watched, streamed, played, listened to or downloaded.

We are currently devouring all manner of creative content, especially digital. We stream films and TV shows, listen to podcasts, play multiplayer games online and interact across multiple devices at the same time. Who hasn't played a game on their phone while watching a movie on Netflix?

What is a content creator?

A content creator is someone who is actively creating and presenting original content to an audience on one or more media platforms. If you want to learn how to bring together your acting, writing and directing skills and develop great content, here is an exciting course to try in 2021:

Diploma of Screen and Media (CONTENT CREATORS = acting, writing and directing) - with a focus on Screen and Live Performance,

Creative artists should take advantage of this exciting time. Actors, writers and directors have the skills to be amazing content creators.

Creative artists are the ones who bring ideas to life through performance, word and digital skills.

What’s apparently taking place is a 'take charge' attitude within the industry, not necessarily against it, but a reaction to it,

There are so many creatives developing and marketing their own product and projects. With today’s tools, nothing can stop you. Why limit yourself to one way ,of doing things, when there are other doors that will get you where you want to be? Make your own opportunity.

In today’s digital and web-based world, artists need to be able to move between live and screen projects.

Actors need to combine their live performance and screen work and embrace all the fun of green screen, motion capture, voice-over and virtual reality.

Writers and directors must learnt to create and develop stories across all platforms to be consumed as stories in a podcast, a video, a short film, a feature film or as webisodes

More creative artists are starting to get it and developing heaps of content and capitalising on new forms of digital media. The internet is an opportunity for all creatives. Your content is only limited by your imagination, not your practice.

If you have something inside of you that’s aching to get out then sit down, write your project and go make it happen. There is a worldwide audience online waiting for you. Don’t wait for others and don’t listen to those that say you can’t.

The creative industry is innovative and vibrant.

In 2021 the work of artists, musicians, writers, directors and designers should be about creating new ways of seeing, hearing or thinking about the world and new ways of viewing it.

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