FOLEY is the ART of Creating Sound Effects

What a lot of people call sound effects is more accurately described as Foley. This is all the common sounds you hear in a film that may not be picked up by the camera microphone, or that may need to be re-recorded.

Often, the sounds that you hear in films aren’t necessarily made by the exact item that is shown, and foley artists, who are dedicated technicians , will use various creative ways of making the objects sound realistic.

In the film, gaming and audio industry, the Foley artist creates audio effects for a film by using physical props. They can create the sound of someone's shoes as they walk across the floor or the rustle of their jacket as they sit in a chair.

On a film set, sound recording does not capture every aspect of audio. To create more difficult sounds, that would be harder to create, artists have to get creative.

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Foley artists must have an understanding of the post-production processes in movie-making, the hardware and software used in sound recording and the technical aspects of digital sound editing.

Sword fights might look real, but the ringing of steel when the swords clash is created by the Foley artist in post-production. Some of the most famous sounds from movies have been created by the Foley Artist; the sound of lightsabers (Star Wars), the scream of the T-Rex (Jurassic Park) and warp speed (Star Trek).

A Foley artist requires excellent timing, attention to detail, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and a keen ear for sounds and creative ways to mimic them.

Without the Foley artist to create the hundreds of different sounds that are needed for films, the visual story telling would fall flat. The same can be said for immersive web sites and online games. Headsets are more commonly used by gamers today, enabling communication between players and, in games such as Fortnite, the richly rendered environment is complimented by the audio engine so that sound awareness ensures the player's total immersion in the gaming world.

With 22 billion gamers world wide, and film companies like Netflix budgeting $9billion on movie production for 2019 alone, the growth in demand for immersive sound and accompanying Foley looks set to continue.