The Studio Project 2020

Do you have a song that you’d like recorded in a professional studio?

TAFE NSW Music and Creative Media is looking for 7 songs for 7 recording projects for The Studio Project 2020.

If your song is selected you get to work with an engineer, a producer and have access to a professional studio for 1.5days (or, approx. 12 hours).

All engineers and producers are Diploma and Advanced Diploma Sound Production students at TAFE NSW. The Studio Project forms part of their training and assessment this semester at Newcastle campus.

The Studio Project will accept and consider all genres.

To be considered, you must :

• submit a raw mp3 file of your song • have musicians / band available for the recording: drums, bass and vocalist (min. requirement)

• be available and present when required for 1.5 days of recording (as per agreed schedule)

• must follow all COVID-19 protocols; this includes social distancing, wearing of masks and regular hand-washing and/or use of sanitiser, while visiting Newcastle campus.

Proposed schedule:

• Recording on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 5 - 26 September.

• Overdubs between 5 - 9 October.

• Editing and mixing occurs in Term 4 (i.e. from 14 October - 4 December)

• Songs completed by 11 December 2020

If interested, complete: The Studio Project Song Registration Form

Upload your mp3 audio file to our Google Drive folder: The Studio Project

Please label clearly : SURNAME_FIRST NAME_SONG TITLE

Closing date for submissions: 25 August 2020

To contact TAFE NSW Music and Creative Media @ Newcastle email: