COMMUNITY ARTS - a new way of being creative

Are you an artist, arts worker, community worker, curator, artist, filmmaker or producer interested in using your skills to engage communities? As the value of community-based arts projects becomes more known, there has been an increasing demand for artists in this line of work

Community-based arts projects involve a collaboration between professional artists and communities to create artistic product. The creative process includes the participation of community members, non-discrimination projects and the empowerment of creative artists.

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Certificate III Community Dance, Theatre and Events - Newcastle

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Examples of Community ARTS projects

The Laundromat Project - New York, USA

A laundromat is a neighbourhood's meeting place. It is a place where community members gather weekly, and in 1999 Rise Wilson decided to help bring art education to her Harlem neighbourhood laundromat. Setting up folding tables in front of the storefront, she extended passersby with a unique opportunity to make a piece of art. Nearly 15 years later, The Laundromat Project has served a number of communities throughout New York City, and offers low-income people of colour a chance to learn and make art together thus, strengthening their communities. The organisation has grown to include Works in Progress, which provides free arts education to local residents, and the Create Change Public Artist Residency, which asks chosen local artists to work within their community to create a community arts project.

Human beings have used the arts to tell their stories, to ask questions and to give answers since prehistoric times. And we are still using the arts for the same reason – to communicate with each other. This simple fact explains why the arts are a successful tool for neighbourhood renewal. In communities officially described as deprived, communication is always a challenge: communication within families, between individuals and different groups, between one community and another.

Flinders Lane Community Voices - Melbourne (Vic)

Flinders Lane Community Voices (FLCV) is a new all-abilities choir project open to community groups based at Ross House, including people with disabilities, vulnerable youth and office workers in the Flinders lane precinct and CBD. FLCV is running an accessible, inclusive music program to foster a genuine sense of belonging and connection in the group. FLCV is available to participate in City of Melbourne celebrations and local community events.

Voices of Peace - Melbourne (Vic)

​This project started in 2017 and aims to empower recently arrived and settled refugees from Assyrian Chaldean background to establish a Women's Choir. Singing together can heal and build connection and reduce the pain of dislocation and loss from the persecution they have suffered.

The role of artists in a community is to help communication – to use their creativity and imagination and to give them a view of a different future. The arts do not offer a magic potion, but they can question beliefs and ambitions and help individuals and communities take a new direction. No other field can do this.