This is YOUR chance to reboot your training, employment and career PROSPECTS through creativity learning
: to restart or revive; 
to give fresh energy to;
 to reignite.

Open your mind to learning, developing skills and future opportunities. Get back into study in a fun way.

Not sure how to connect to an apprenticeship or a job that interests you? Time to get creative, connect to Reboot 21 and develop your skills towards that goal.

This is how it works:

  • you attend two and half days a week for 10 weeks

  • you can pick the type of creative activities you’d love to do

  • you get skills that you can take into all types of jobs/careers

You can select from two streams of creative learning:

1. Music Recording, Performance and Media - includes recording, songwriting and performance

2. Writing, Performance, Screen and Media - includes writing, performance and filming

On the half day, you will focus on REBOOTING your learning in an ADULT learning environment: getting organised, developing your understanding of training and assessments, communicating in INDUSTRY and building your approach to future careers.

When you complete the 10 weeks you will have your plan for future training and employment. In addition,, you receive a Statement of Attainment in Skills for Learning Creatively.


REBOOT 21 is a FEE FREE course if you are:

• over 15 years of age

• an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and

• NOT at school




* Mondays and Wednesdays (Full Days) 9.30 - 3.30pm

* Tuesdays (Half Days) 9.30 - 12.30pm

(The 1st day will be an orientation, induction and enrolment completion day)

COURSE DATES 17 May - 11 August 2021.

LOCATION TAFE NSW, Newcastle Campus

Maitland Road, Tighes Hill

For enquiries or to enrol, email one of the Head Teachers below: Cassandra Ralph Head Teacher - Career Pathways

49237414 Teresa Conicella Head Teacher - Music and Creative Media


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