Social Media Engagement: Why it Matters

Social media engagement is a measure of how people are interacting with your social media accounts and content. The term can cover a broad range of actions across all social platforms. For example, engagement might include:

• likes and favourites • comments, DMs, replies • shares and retweets • saves • clicks • mentions

Without engagement, social media is just media. People don’t use social networks for a one-way experience.

What started out as a way for people to hang out with their friends online has turned into a place where brands can engage in meaningful conversations and turn those conversations into followers and customers. And social media engagement has a major impact on small businesses affecting everything from brand awareness to customer loyalty.

In this FEE FREE Skills for Recovery skills set, you will learn how and why to improve your social media engagement strategy, so you can make sure that the impact is positive.

• why you should care about social media engagement • how social media engagement can impact your business • tactics for boosting engagement and winning lifelong fans

You have two options for learning. You decide!

Option 1

- 7 x 2 hour online sessions – each Monday from 22 March - 10 May 2021

-ENROL ONLINE or download an enrolment form, complete and email to

Option 2

- 1 week x 4 hours per day - 12 - 16 April 2021 - ENROL ONLINE or download an enrolment form, complete and email to

Presenter: Samara Cannan (TAFE NSW, Newcastle)

All students on completion receive:

- a Statement of Attainment, and

- credits towards other Nationally Recognised qualifications

Class limited = 15

**Eligibility for FEE FREE training is determined by your residential status. You must live in NSW and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Why social media engagement is so important

Why is engagement so crucial? Engagement is a great way to measure whether the content you're creating is actually resonating with your audience

In short, because social media platforms say so. Organic reach has dropped on almost every social media platform in recent years. However, accounts with higher social media engagement are the least affected.

In fact, Facebook uses “meaningful engagement” as an important signal that a post should be prioritised.

In other words, social media posts with more active and thoughtful interactions will get more reach.

Lastly, engagement builds relationships.

We use social media to learn from our customers and community about how we can improve their experience. Having this direct line to our target audience enables us to build relationships, develop empathy, and, ultimately, build a better product for our users.

How to boost social media engagement

Here’s a hint on how to keep your social media engagement rate on the rise.

1. Actually be social 2. Have a consistent, authentic voice 3. Know your algorithms

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